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Bella Figura Retreats

Bella Figura Retreats and Workshops in Tuscany

Experience the Bella Figura philosophy where it was born – in Florence and Tuscany

Watch this space for exclusiveBella Figura weekend retreats and afternoon workshops in Florence and the beautiful countryside of Tuscany where we live. Discover the key places that appear in the book Bella Figura, take a walk around Florence with me as I introduce you to characters from my book, point out the details and hidden parts of the city that tourists would not normally see, and bring to life the Bella Figura method of health and wellbeing by experiencing the Bella Figura wellbeing practices, from walking slowly, calming breathing exercises, good posture through stretching and yoga, how to connect with those you meet, and how to shop (for produce and clothes!) intelligently and cook some of the recipes from the book.

Bella Figura experience

For those who wish to relive a little of the extraordinary adventures recounted in Bella Figura, and to experience the method of living with joy and beauty, the Italian way, I have devised two group workshops/tours to bring the book alive for readers in Florence. The half-day workshop includes a tour of Bella Figura haunts and characters in Florence, visits to artisan workshops, and lunch in one of the eateries immortalised in the book. The full-day workshop includes a trip to our house The Frantoio on our 10th-century castle estate in the countryside of Chianti where there will be a simple Tuscan cooking class, and olive oil tasting.

Share A glimpse into life lived the Bella Figura way, inspired by my book BELLA FIGURA: HOW TO LIVE, LOVE AND EAT THE TALIAN WAY, published in the UK by Bloomsbury, the US by Knopf and Canada by Appetite Random House. Filmed by Olivia Rutherford

Photo by  Bernardo Conti