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Bella Figura



Bella Figura

How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way

Published By:  Bloomsbury Publishing

One woman's story of finding beauty, and herself – and a practical guide to living a better life, the Italian way!

Kamin Mohammadi, a magazine editor in London, should have been on top of the world. But after heartbreak and loneliness, the stress of her "dream life" was ruining her physical and mental health. Gifted a ticket to freedom – a redundancy package and the offer of a friend's apartment in Florence – Kamin took a giant leap. It did not take her long to notice how differently her new Italian neighbours approached life: enjoying themselves, taking their time to eat and drink, taking their lives at a deliberately slower pace. Filled with wonderful characters--from the local bartender/barista who becomes her love adviser, to the plumbers who fix her heating and teach her to make pasta al pomodoro – here is a mantra for savouring the beauty and colour of every day that Italians have followed for generations, a guide to the slow life for busy people, a story of finding love (and self-love) in unlikely places, and an evocative account of a year living an Italian life.

Bella Figura - Canadian Edition


Bella Figura - US Edition