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NEW IN – we have just harvested this season’s new olive oil!!

Photo © Bernardo Conti

Photo © Bernardo Conti

Fresh, delicious and bright green, our new harvest of olive oil is in! Our olives went to the frantoio (olive mill) through the night of 6/7th November 2018! Our first cold press extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered, unadulterated with leaves, and biodynamic - hence its cloudy aspect as opposed to the clear oils sold in the supermarkets. It is available to buy now, and can be shipped all over the world (to ship to some countries we require a minimum order).

The best olive oil extract with the most nutrients is oil that comes from the first cold press of the olives itself. It is more nutritionally rich than ordinary olive oil, richer in polyphenol antioxidants than regular extra virgin olive oils.

Because green olives don’t contain much oil, ‘green’ oil is more expensive to produce. Use it for dipping fine breads in, drizzle on mozzarella cheese, on bruschetta or fresh on raw or cooked vegetables, salads, soups, seafood and meat – it will highlight any dish. This olive oil is available in limited quantity as production has a very short season so order fast to avoid disappointment!

Hundreds of medical and scientific studies have analysed and praised the beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil, a vegetable juice with unique chemical and nutritional properties, a food/medicine rich in a particular nutritional combination of fatty acids and a series of anti-oxidant micro-elements unobtainable elsewhere.

The unparalleled balance between saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats of extra virgin olive oil is significantly like that of human breast milk. The balanced composition of oleic acid and vitamin F (fatty acids in the omega 3 and omega 6 series) lowers bad cholesterol and maintains the levels of good cholesterol, thus protecting the arteries and the heart and lowering the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. In addition, its delicate emollient action on the tissues and its protective action on the gastro-intestinal mucosa help regulate digestion.

The vast and complex range of micro-constituents and antioxidant molecules make our fresh extra virgin olive oil a true elixir of good health. Bitter, tannic polyphenol compounds such as tyrosol, hydrotyrosol and  oleuropein, tocopherols (or vitamin E), pigmented substances such as carotenoids, terpenes with their fruity fragrance, and squalene – all of these elements have important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory functions in cell protection, for the  digestion  and in stimulating gastric and liver secretions.

Tuscan olives have been known as the best olives in Italy since ancient Roman times. Even today, Tuscan olives are famous in Italy for making olive oil with an amazing flavour and excellent digestive qualities and nutrition. The recipes for olive oil have been passed down through generations from the Romans and Etruscans onwards.

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Photo © Bernardo Conti

Photo © Bernardo Conti